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Nursing Care Homes – How the personal touch means so much more

Settling into a care home can often seem to be a daunting experience, but the staff members in a nursing care home are often specially chosen for their empathy as well as their experience and will soon make you feel at home. Although staff in all establishments providing care are subject to various checks and are required to undertake some basic training, those who work in a nursing care home receive extra training in areas such as communication, keeping people safe and promoting their rights, so you can expect that you will always be treated as a unique individual in the home. You will be asked about your preferences in all areas of your day to day life and will be able to choose the kind of care you need. This personal touch makes such a difference to people living in a nursing care home.

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How the personal touch can help

Nursing care homes are required to comply with certain staffing levels and many actually exceed these, which means there are plenty of well trained staff to manage all aspects of your care. As well as looking after all your physical needs, there are also staff who specialise in arranging activities to suit the residents in the home. Every client will have an individual care plan that sets out how all aspects of their quality of life is to be managed so if, for example, you like to stay in bed until 9.30 am and then have breakfast in your room before having a shower and dressing, this will all be documented and you will receive the care you want. The relationship that builds up between staff and residents in the home means that the care is tailored specifically to your individual needs and preferences. If your needs change over time, these changes will be reflected in your care plan which will be reviewed regularly and you will be asked to take part in these reviews.

A further advantage you will find in nursing care homes is that the staff are able to really get to know the clients and so the treatment they provide is much more personal. Some people even find they are able to resume activities they were unable to follow before moving into the home. The support provided by members of staff can help them to continue with favourite hobbies or possibly take up new ones. Many residents have described living in a home as like being part of a large family and enjoy the feeling of security they get from knowing there is always someone available to help with any needs they may have.

Overall, moving into a nursing care home can be a very positive experience and often improves the quality of a person’s life by providing the personal care and treatment that each individual needs.

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