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National Care Open Day Urges Public to Engage with their Local Care Home

Care homes are often the victims of negative press reports based on a tiny minority of facilities which suffer at the hands of poorly trained staff and inadequate managers.

The second annual National Care Home Open Day last month, however, aimed to encourage as many people as possible to visit a local home to see for themselves that this is far from the norm.

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Fun-Filled Events

There was a huge range of activities on offer during the June 20th event, from BBQs and cream teas to sporting pursuits and music.

More than 100 staff and inspectors from the Care Quality Commission took part in the open days, urged on by Andrea Sutcliffe, the organisation’s chief inspector of adult social care.

Andrea believes the event gave young and old the chance to start understanding care homes better, breaking down barriers between the generations and improving the sector’s public image.

Open House

Before the day itself, she encouraged as many people as possible to plan a visit, whether they were actively looking at the different care options available for a member of their family or they simply wanted to connect with other members of their community.

There was no time limit set on the visits. People were simply asked to spend as much time as they wanted to learn more about how care homes operate and gain a better understanding of the high quality of care usually provided to residents.

Andrea says the creation of connections between care homes and their wider communities can only be beneficial for all members of society in the future.

The day provided an enriching experience for the homes’ residents, whilst reminding the wider community that these are places filled with intelligent, unique and valuable individuals who do not want to be forgotten by the outside world.

It also ensured that members of the public could see for themselves how these homes are far from simply cash-making machines. Instead they are valuable community facilities, filled with fun and laughter, and manned by people who really care about the people they are there to help.

Social Media

The old and the new worked in perfect unison even before the big day, with the latest in technology being used to promote the event. Facebook and Twitter helped to spread the word, ensuring that as many people as possible were made aware of the event.

Everyone involved in the open-day events agreed that they were a huge success, and there is almost certainly going to be a similar event next year. If you missed the 2014 day, make a note in your diary for next year.

If you cannot wait that long, simply make an appointment to take a tour of one of your local care homes. The trained and knowledgeable staff will almost certainly be willing to show you around, explain what goes on every day and answer any questions you may have.

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