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The State of Donation

The recent death of a beloved film and television legend has brought the attention of the country to its care homes once more. Richard Attenborough’s tragic passing has created a significant focus in the media with regards to the work performed by care homes to enhance people’s quality of life in their later years.

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Donations as Tribute

Richard Attenborough’s family chose to ask the fans, family members and friends of their loved one to make donations to Denville Hall care home in lieu of any flowers or other tributes. In this way, they were able to create a tangible acknowledgement of his impact on so many people’s lives in a way that would have positive repercussions for other individuals too. Today, families choose care homes for top-quality support for their relatives in order to allow people to maintain the highest standards of living well into later life. The support and attention offered in these environments is hard to match elsewhere, especially where there are complex health issues to attend to or degenerative problems to manage.

The fact that care homes are the best places for many individuals to spend their later years continues to increase the demand for their services, meaning there is a corresponding increase in the need for funding too. At the end of an individuals life, it has become increasingly common for the family to ask those attending the funeral or memorial service to make a donation in their loved ones name to the care home which looked after them. Instead of floral tributes – transient and bound to fade with time – this helps to make a lasting impact and it can allow others to receive the same kind of treatment. Although Denville Hall care home is unusual in that it caters specifically to those who have previously been professional actors in the United Kingdom, the idea of family members making donations to the care home of their relatives is one which continues to gain popularity.

Donations as Celebration

For other people, acknowledging important landmarks in the families history is a part of celebratory occasions. Increasing numbers of people are choosing to ask for donations to a particularly relevant charity or to the families chosen care home as part of wedding celebrations or as birthday gifts from family and friends too. Amounts of money are also being set aside in peoples wills, which will then benefit their care home after their death as an acknowledgement of the help they have provided. These ideas can be tied to a changing sentiment in society, which is moving away from material gain and giving items as gifts to one which looks more at making a real difference in other ways.

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