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Residential Care: The End or a New Beginning?

Realising that someone you love, possibly a parent or even your husband or wife, needs residential care can be upsetting and may even come as a shock. However, residential care in general has improved over recent years despite some of the horror stories you might read in the press. For many people, going into care can signal the beginning of a new and happy phase of their life.

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Advantages of Residential Care

Many people struggle to stay in their own homes as they grow older, with many finding it difficult to cope alone with the tasks of everyday living. This stress is alleviated when they move into residential care, where trained members of staff are available to help with any aspect of daily life.

In addition to the practical help, there are also many other advantages of residential care. For example, many individuals in later life find that their family are living a long way away or that their friends are also older. Many care home residents find that they really appreciate the companionship of other people in a similar situation and of the home’s staff

Another advantage of residential care is that most care homes now employ dedicated activity organisers and have a full programme of activities for residents to enjoy. The activity organiser will take into account an individual’s interests and abilities and tailor the activities on offer to the preferences of the residents. A life that had previously become boring or isolated can become much more interesting again. Some people are able to continue or restart their favourite hobbies again and can enjoy attending church or groups in the community that they maybe could not get to when they lived at home.

Many care homes today have great facilities such as attractive gardens, large communal areas, IT facilities and wireless access so that residents can keep in touch with families. Some even offer the likes of hairdressing or chiropody for residents to enjoy. Many care homes have a minibus to help residents get about, or there may be parking spaces for those residents who are still able to drive and have their own car.

Finally, residential care homes are not limited to individuals. Many homes are happy for couples to move in, so that if one person needs more care than can be provided at home, they are able to stay together in the home.

End-of-Life Care

Many people worry about what will happen to them as they reach the end of their life, and there have been worrying reports about failures within the care system which may have concerned some older people.

However the updated regulations from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) have helped to ensure that residential care stays at the highest possible standard. These have centred around the likes of training for members of staff, residents’ rights, and record keeping.

Balcombe Care Homes strives to uphold the highest standards when it comes to residents’ care and well-being, helping to ensure residents continue living independent lives for as long as possible. To enquire about a place for yourself, or a loved one, simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise you.

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