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75% of Care Home Residents Feel Happier and Less Isolated

Recent research has found that up to seventy-five per cent of care home residents feel happier and less isolated since moving into a care home.

The findings are deeply reassuring to both care home staff and the families of residents, who are often concerned that the social needs of their loved ones may not be met in a busy care home environment, or that becoming a resident may remove them from a normal daily life and routine. The research indicates, however, that the contrary is likely to be true. Eighty-nine per cent of the care home residents who participated in the study say that they engage in a social activity once a week, whereas it may have previously been far less or even impossible.

Fifty-nine per cent of participants had also lived alone for over five years prior to becoming a care home resident, which can be especially challenging if one has previously lived with a partner – which a further twenty-three per cent had.

residents play connect four in Aldersmead Care Home

Social Isolation Amongst Elderly People

There is, rightly, a growing concern regarding the dangers of social isolation amongst elderly people. Feeling lonely, undervalued or disengaged from a social life can have a devastating effect on an elderly person’s health, happiness and quality of life. Fortunately, greater awareness of these issues means that families and care homes can work together to identify potential problems and prevent them before they truly arise.

Tailored to Care Home Residents? Needs

The Chair of Care England, Avnish Goyal, commented that the research clearly showed that people living in care homes enjoyed the social interaction available and took part in many planned activities. This is important when it comes to having a good quality of life.

He also acknowledged the benefits and significance of finding activities that are appropriate to each resident’s personal interests, adding, “It is important to stress that the approach to social activity should be centred on the individual resident and their preferences. We make great efforts to find out as much about our residents as we can prior to their moving in.”

Commitment to Care Home Residents

Balcombe Care Homes in particular ensure that all care home residents have the opportunity to participate in a number of activities, catering to an extensive range of hobbies and interests. Residents are encouraged to find an activity to suit them, ensuring that they have access to as much social contact as they feel they need.

Not only are social activities at Balcombe Care Homes hugely enjoyable, but the benefits are widely thought to include improved mental and physical well-being, confidence, a sense of belonging and even increased or maintained memory function.

Balcombe Care Homes are committed to providing the range and quality of activities that its residents so richly deserve and enjoy.

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