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Care in the Short Term

Respite care, or short term care, is a respite in the daily care responsibilities many families and individuals face when caring for a sick or elderly loved one. There are several ways in which respite care can be achieved: other family members can step in, an external carer can provide support or stay at your home or a residential care package can be considered.

Kingswood Care Home

Residential Care Homes

Increasingly, families and full time carers are turning to private care homes in their choice for respite care. With this in mind, Balcombe Care Homes offers short term care, or residential respite care, at their residences in a safe, comfortable and homelike environment. Whether it’s for just a few days or up to six weeks, it is an option that can be relied upon to deliver consistent respite care for your loved ones.

The Benefits of Respite Care Cover for the Carer

In the midst of acting as a full-time carer, it is often easy to underestimate just how much work is being undertaken. From all-day companionship for an elderly relative to manual handling for those with mobility issues or the more complex demands of dementia care and night-time care, most carers are under tremendous pressure. Unlike other roles and jobs, it’s not one from which you can easily take a holiday or sick day.

However, as a full time carer, your own health is at risk from committing to the long-term care of another person. Taking a respite break from care can be the only way to ensure your own health, both physical and emotional, is not at risk.

The Benefits of Respite Care Cover for the Loved One

A period of respite care can offer many advantages to your loved ones too. A stay in a private nursing home can be a great opportunity to socialise in a wider circle and to try out new activities and a more varied daily routine. There are also the benefits of the better health and energy levels of the carer to consider. Most people report higher and refreshed levels of commitment to their carer role after their loved ones have spent time in one of our private care homes.

A Positive Step Forward

In previous years, respite care was considered a preventative step against carer exhaustion, but these days, more and more families are seeing how respite can become part of their yearly routine. From taking a holiday abroad to simply taking time out for yourself and other family members, respite care is a practical method of ensuring the home care routine of your loved one stays enjoyable for longer.

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