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Residents Hit All the Right Notes – Musical and Singing Activities

Older people living in care homes can benefit greatly from being given the chance to take part in musical and singing activities. These can be highly sociable and enjoyable events, as well as offer a multitude of mental and physical health benefits.

All types of residential facilities, including private care homes and private nursing homes, are offering regular musical activities, with some benefiting from donated instruments and even visits from star singers.

Dementia care

Musical and Singing Activities – Star Support

In Suffolk, Bucks Fizz star David Van Day, accompanied by his wife Sue Moxley, visited local residential care homes to join in with a sing-along on Mother’s Day. Meanwhile, in Bury, two homes used a donation to invest in a Silver Song Music Box, which can be connected to a television and is used in community musical and singing activities.

Other residential care homes are making a concerted effort to get their older people involved in singing activities as a form of therapy and are encouraging residents to play instruments such as maracas, triangles and even coconut shells.

It is now widely recognised that this sort of therapy can be hugely beneficial for older people, including those with Alzheimer’s. It is often the case that even people who find speaking difficult are able to sing along with their favourite songs.

Exercise for Mind and Body

The benefits of music therapy in a private residential or nursing home can include improvements to emotional and social functioning, and it offers an opportunity for residents to exercise mind and body whilst enjoying a very sociable activity.

This type of therapy can improve, or prevent the regression of, speaking skills and help with the maintenance of thought-processing skills and memory organisation. Songs can often bring back memories, which then go on to stimulate conversations and prompt further communication and interaction.

The act of playing instruments, meanwhile, can aid movement and fitness levels, as can the addition of forms of movement or dancing to accompany the singing and music activities. Dexterity can be improved or maintained, as can motion range and physical strength.

Among the greatest benefits of music therapy and singing, however, are the opportunities available for residents of private nursing homes and care homes to have fun and relax. The latter can be extremely beneficial, especially for residents with conditions such as Alzheimer’s.

This type of activity can also be conducive to improving and maintaining relationships and trust between residents and caregivers, offering plenty of opportunities to share stories and experiences.

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