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Care Homes Celebrate Queen’s 90th Birthday

Care homes in West Sussex and across Britain held events recently to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday. From traditional tea and garden parties to singalongs and storytelling, the monarch?s landmark birthday was the perfect excuse for a royal knees up.

Cakes were baked, nibbles were prepared, costumes were organised and decorations were put up – all to enable nursing home residents and those living in private care homes in Britain to remember a monarch who is of a similar age to some of those helping to celebrate.

Care homes in West Sussex and around the country were decked out in majestic decorations, including blown-up photographs of the monarch and traditional bunting, which helped add to the party atmosphere. Some homes even invited members of the public to join in the fun, although many others chose to stick to a private celebration.

Care homes celebrate

Many Reasons to Party

But why did homes organise these events and what did the residents get out of the celebrations? First and foremost, the photographs taken at the events and the stories told afterwards, show that the residents had fun. What better reason can there be to have a party?

Celebrations such as this, whether celebrating the Queen’s birthday or that of a fellow resident or staff member, can be vital in maintaining a good quality of life and injecting fun into day-to-day events.

They can be an excellent addition to leisure programmes; offering a different experience that can be appreciated by all residents, regardless of their usual levels of activity and engagement, or any health or mobility issues.

Many of the Queen’s birthday events weren’t extravagant events but this was not reflected in the amount of enjoyment experienced by the residents. Even the simplest of celebrations can have profound benefits for the people taking part. As long as the events can offer something to all residents who want to participate, they are almost certain to be a royal success.

Time to Relax and Communicate

Musical events, for example, can be extremely easy to put on and yet are one of the most effective means of bringing groups of people together and encouraging them to relax and enjoy themselves.

The Queen’s celebrations, and other similar events, also offer the chance for residents to socialise in a relaxed environment; to share stories and experiences; and to forge new bonds, or cement existing relationships, with both staff members and other residents.

A party atmosphere can allow for a more relaxed approach to communications and present an opportunity for residents to view staff as more than caregivers, as well as offering care staff and other workers the chance to spend as much time as possible getting to know individuals and learning more about their lives and experiences. This can be invaluable in ensuring that everyday interactions are as beneficial as possible to all parties involved.

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