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How Art Is Helping Care Home Residents

Elderly residents at care homes in Wales have been displaying their artistic creations at an exhibition as an increasing number of care providers recognise the benefits of art in a care setting.

The exhibition at Penarth Pier Pavilion in South Wales features 40 works created by care home residents from five settings. The focus of the art was growing up and working in Wales.

Event organiser Debbie Sharples-Kirkbridge said that the exhibition allowed the artwork to be seen by a wider audience and increased the sense of pride for the creators. She said that the project also served as a valuable ‘platform’ to engage people living with complex physical conditions and dementia in the local community and to encourage other people to see beyond their conditions.

The number of care home activities being offered across the board is booming, and art activities can have a range of benefits for residents. These include everything from improving fine motor skills to boosting confidence, communication and memory recall.

care home residents activities

Memory Walls

An increasing number of care homes around the country are also recognising the benefits of artistic wall d?cor as care home services cater for the increasing number of people living with dementia and age-related conditions

In Somerset, murals of famous landmarks are proving to be a real talking point in several care homes, prompting their residents to come up with their own memories about the locations.

The murals are said to create a calming atmosphere and inspire creativity. They also have the potential to boost reminiscence and empower dementia sufferers, according to a pilot project run in London.

Research by the Guys and St Thomas’ Charity revealed that art can be useful in sparking reminiscences which can lead to a measurable improvement in the well-being of older people.

Further Findings

The London pilot is also said to have discovered that people who are living with dementia can see their symptoms reduced or even eliminated completely if murals are carefully introduced into their living environment.

Some of the benefits of the murals include a lowering of the amount of aggression and stress experienced by individuals, a rise in the use of a care home?s communal areas and an increase in the sociability of its residents.

Art Care Home Activities

Creating their own art can have similar benefits for people living with dementia. It can lead to the sparking of memories and a reduction in negative behaviour associated with the condition.

Art can also be an incredibly social activity and one likely to inspire creativity and social interactions. It can also boost confidence and an overall sense of well-being, particularly if the artist’s creations are seen and appreciated by others.

Sharing the products of art activities can also be extremely beneficial for building bridges between residents, staff, friends, family and the wider community. It can prompt interaction with people beyond the walls of a care home and help to ensure that the local community can see the value of the people living in settings in their area.

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