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How To Know When A Nursing Home Must Be Considered

The subject of nursing homes can be a tricky one to broach with elderly relatives who require more care and time than you are able to give them. The subject is surrounded by opinions and emotions, causing your aging loved ones to worry and perhaps making you feel guilty.

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Maybe in the past you have discussed the issues surrounding old age with your elderly parent or relative, and they have begged you not to go down that route. As their needs and demands increase, you may find that you are simply unable to cope with the demands of ensuring that their needs are met at the same time as trying to run your own home, family and work commitments.

Taking Time to Assess Your Own Needs

It’s important not to feel guilty if you find yourself unable to cope with the increasing care needs of an ageing relative. Finding yourself pulled in several different directions, as you try to balance the needs of your partner, children, grandchildren and social circle, can quickly lead to burnout, which will only add to the problem in the long run. Finding an appropriate time and place to discuss nursing homes with your loved one and other family members is an important step in acknowledging that you have a right to a good quality of life too.

You must understand that any health problems associated with the ageing process will only get worse over time, and that there’s no magic wand which will fix all your problems. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that the whole family is involved in discussions when considering a care home placement for your loved one. If it is just you on your own caring for an elderly relative, then it’s still important to consider your own needs and wishes. Burning out will not help you or your dependent relative and could lead to a hasty decision later on. Far better to plan ahead and take charge of the situation now.

Preparing Your Ageing Relative for the Move

Your relative may have a fixed idea about care homes and how they work, so take time to prepare them by presenting them with leaflets and brochures that you can go through together, which will provide a clear picture of what to expect. Once your loved one understands that they have a say in the process, they may enjoy getting involved in it, helping to choose the most suitable establishment for their needs.

If your loved one has health issues that are likely to deteriorate over time, then your best option is to select some residential homes to look at which will be able to provide the level of hands-on care that will be required. Reassure your relative that you are not abandoning them, and plan a timetable for visits so that they know what to expect.

When considering a nursing home, look for one that will allow your loved one to personalise their room with their favourite possessions, making it a real home from home. Spend time helping them to choose what to take and also in helping them to make their new room look as homely as possible, which good nursing homes will encourage.

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