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Important Questions To Ask When Visiting A Care Home

Choosing a care home is a big decision, making it essential that you find out all of the facts that you need to make an informed choice. This is why it can be useful to have a clear idea of the questions you want to know the answer to before you visit your choice of nursing residential care homes.

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You may feel uncomfortable asking some questions, but staff in care homes should understand how important it is for you to gain a clear understanding of whether or not their facility is suitable for your needs. So don’t be shy and consider asking some or all of following questions. The answers to these are some of the most important facts you need to know and consider before making your final choice.

1. What is included in the fees at the nursing residential care homes, and are there any extras which you may have to pay, including ‘death fees’?

You need to have a clear idea of whether a care home will meet your budgetary requirements and if the fee structure is transparent.

2. What activities are available at the home, how often are residents able to go outdoors and exercise and is there TV and internet access?

Maintaining a good quality of life is an important consideration when choosing a residential care option. This is why you may want to consider care homes that ensure there are plenty of activities and enrichment opportunities for their residents.

3. What sort of food is on offer and what are mealtimes like?

You need to know that the food is of a good standard and that the type of food and mealtime routines will be suitable to meet individual requirements.

4. Can you visit at any time, and are pets welcome on visits?

This may be important if you want to ensure that family contact can be maintained and that relationships with pets can be maintained.

5. What is the staff-to-patient ratio and are there always senior staff on duty?

This can tell you a lot about the intensity of care and individual attention that residents can expect to receive.

6. What period of notice is needed if a person wants to leave?

You may find that the care home is not suitable and may need to make another choice. In this case, it is important to know what notice is required.

7. How much choice do residents have over their daily routines?

This may be important if maintaining independence is an important consideration.

8. What is staff turnover rate each year?

This can reveal a lot about the environment and also give an indication of the continuity of care that is likely to be on offer.

9. Is there dementia support available, and what form does this take?

This may be a consideration for the present and the future.

10. Do GPs make visits to the home?

You want to make sure that health needs can be taken care of as quickly and easily as possible within nursing residential care homes.

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