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Useful Dressing Tips For Your Older Relative

The ageing process takes its toll on flexibility, which means that even apparently simple aspects of everyday life, such as getting dressed and undressed, become difficult. Stiff fingers that can’t cope with buttons and difficulty bending to pull on socks and shoes can become almost insurmountable problems, but with the help of our dressing tips for older people you can help to make your relative’s life so much easier.

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Dressing Tips for People with Physical Disabilities

Simply keeping a chair within easy reach will allow your loved one to sit down for dressing and undressing. Look for a chair with a good firm seat, preferably with arms, which will help your relative to stand with the minimum of effort.

One of the best dressing tips for older people with a disability is to source clothing with adaptable features that make dressing and undressing much easier, such as magnetic buttons, extra flaps of material and even elastic shoelaces.

Look out for dressing sticks, which help with putting on socks, tights and even shoes, and button hooks that make it easier to deal with fiddly buttons.

Dressing Tips for Those Who Are Partially Sighted

Go through your loved one’s wardrobe with them, looking for anything which needs cleaning or repairing, then arrange clothing in collaboration with your relative so that they can easily find their favourite garments.

Dressing Tips for Those with Dementia

As a progressive illness, dementia worsens over time, so the sooner you can instigate an organised system for dressing and undressing the better. Labelling drawers and wardrobes and creating a checklist for daily dressing can be helpful in jogging your loved one’s memory.

Clothing Adaptations and Aids

Try altering some of your loved one’s clothes to make their life easier, or source a good local seamstress to do the work for you. Simply exchanging fiddly buttons and fastenings for zips, magnetic closures or Velcro can be all that’s needed to allow your loved one to dress and undress themselves with ease.

You can easily source button hooks and sticks that make dressing easier as well as zip grips and even soft-handled grabbers, which as well as being useful for retrieving dropped items without stooping can be used to ease clothing off and on too.

Clothing Storage Tips

Just some simple changes to your loved one’s wardrobe could make all the difference in allowing them to live independently. Consider installing drop-down clothes rails, for example, as well as including labelling across wardrobes and cupboards, making it easy for your loved one to find what they’re after.

Install sliding doors to wardrobes for easier opening and a dedicated light that comes on automatically when the wardrobe door is opened. Drop-down wardrobe rails make it easy to access out-of-reach garments too.

One of the most useful dressing tips for older people is to consider using wire or clear-basket storage, which allows your loved one to see their clothes at a glance rather than having to keep opening and closing doors to find what they’re looking for.

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