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How To Stay Mobile In Later Life

As your loved ones grow older, they may tend to move around less, but it is actually important to help them keep mobile for as long as possible. Older people are less likely to sustain injuries when they have effective body movement skills. As far as you can, try to ensure that your older relatives remain fit and healthy by exercising appropriately. This way they will be able to remain independent both physically and mentally for much longer. The following tips will be useful in helping your parents to remain as active as they can.

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Understanding Their Limits

Your parents do not have to do the same exercise as they did when they were younger in order to stay mobile in later life. Knowing their limits and finding ways to conserve their energy will mean that they are able to move within their present constraints.

Thinking Young

They may feel they have to move like an old person, but in fact your parents will stay feeling younger for longer if they adopt a positive mental attitude.

Setting Attainable Goals

The goals that your parent sets should be realistic so that they are not discouraged and can continue to stay mobile in later life as part of an ongoing plan.

Avoiding Injury

Falls can be devastating for older people both in terms of injury and in the damage they can do to their confidence. If your parent develops a fear of having a fall, this can prevent them from getting out and about and staying active. It is important to encourage them to stay as mobile as they can.

Being Flexible

Regular exercise is very important to help your parents to stay active and mobile as they grow older. Exercise can improve their flexibility and their balance, and this, in turn, is helpful for reducing the risk of falls that might cause them injury.

Resting Sufficiently

Tiredness can cause your parents to be at a higher risk of injuring themselves as they get older. Ensuring that they have plenty of time to rest will help to avoid this risk.

Enjoying Life

Exercising is only going to be sustainable if you find an activity that your parents enjoy. Many older people enjoy sports such as swimming and taking gentle walks if they have not exercised for a while.

Remaining Mentally Active

As well as the physical aspects of staying fit and healthy, it is also important for your parents to be challenged mentally too. Puzzles such as jigsaws, sudokus and crosswords can help to keep their brains active.

Being Brave

It can take a great deal more courage for your parents to engage in physical activities when they are older. Losing their motivation and being too frightened to engage in exercise can be counterproductive, so if this appears to be a problem it is definitely worth investigating to find out what has caused it.

Supporting your parents to stay mobile in later life will ensure that they enjoy the best quality of life they can.

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