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Advice From Our Elders

With the idea of a ‘bucket list’ becoming increasingly popular these days, surveys have been conducted amongst residents of care homes to uncover what advice they would like to offer to other members of their families. We may not be accustomed in this day and age to seeking out advice from our elders, but who better to ask about the things we should aspire to before we become too old to enjoy them?

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Study Hard

Finding out about the world we live in and making the most of opportunities can open doors in life.

Don’t Stop Learning

One of the most important pieces of advice from our elders is to constantly strive to improve your mind. Learning doesn’t have to mean academic study – it could be anything from taking up swimming to trying out new recipes. Keeping your mind occupied and active could help with preventing or delaying dementia in later life.

Learn a Trade or Choose a Career

Younger family members will reap the benefits of making good choices about their future work prospects.

Try a New Sport

You’re never too old to try a new activity, so whether you opt for fast-paced contact sports, esoteric options such as yoga or the more sedate style of Tai Chi, try something new and use the opportunity to improve your body, your mind and your social life too.

Take Up New Hobbies

Hobbies keep you entertained, engaged and relaxed, and they’re a great way of meeting new people too. You could even find that you’ve got an unexpected talent that could earn you a little extra income too, depending on the type of hobby that you choose.

Visit the Arctic Circle

It’s a big world out there, so why not explore some of its furthest reaches? A trip to a magical Christmas world of snow and ice is something to treasure forever.

Travel as Much as You Can

At home or abroad, there’s so much to learn and discover – after all, travel broadens the mind! You’ll experience different cultures and see how other people live, plus you’ll have memories to last you a lifetime.

Try Anything Once

We’re not advocating anything illegal, but if you’ve never tried it, how do you know you won’t like it? Overcome your fears and try new challenges.

Explore Britain’s History

Join the National Trust or English Heritage and start enjoying some of the magnificent buildings and estates that are dotted throughout the UK. You’ll benefit from the exercise and learn something new too, as well as having the opportunity to stop for tea and cake at many destinations.

Leave Home

Young people nowadays have a tendency to stay with their parents for longer than previous generations. The housing market may be expensive, but it’s important to have your own space and independence.

Adopt an Older Person

Loneliness is one of the biggest issues facing the elderly nowadays, so keep an eye out for elderly neighbours, particularly if they live alone. Offer to help them with their shopping, or simply invite them round for a cup of tea now and then.

Help Others

If you have spare time on your hands, try giving back to your community by joining a voluntary group or charitable organisation.

Try a Parachute Jump

If you’re not confident going it alone, you can do a tandem jump for a thrilling experience you’ll never forget.

The advice from our elders is clear – it’s a big world out there and life is not a dress rehearsal, so make the most of every opportunity.

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