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Importance of Keeping Warm in the Winter Months

Importance of Keeping Warm in the Winter Months.


As you grow older, it is likely you will feel colder than you did when you were younger. It is important to keep warm and know how to maintain your body temperature as the months are becoming colder.


1. Five Tips to Avoid Becoming Cold

2. Why you Feel Cold More in Older Age

3. Why Older People need to Maintain their Body Temperature 

1. Five Tips to Avoid Becoming Cold: How to stave off the winter chill.

Five Tips to Avoid Becoming Cold

Smart Thermostatic Devices

These devices can automatically turn the heating up or down, dependant on the temperature in the home already. There are many types of these devices with a range of different features, some even allowing you to control them from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Customised Heating Patterns

There are devices which enable you to create customised heating patterns in order to help deal with different situations. These heating patterns can be setting different temperatures in different rooms. This tool is handy for ensuring each person in the home is content with their room temperature. There are also customised heating patterns which can measure the outside temperature, which can then increase or decrease the temperature inside automatically.

Automatically Switch On or Off When Reaching Certain Temperature

There are some gas fires or plug in electric heaters which are able to automatically switch off once they get to a certain temperature. This can help the room to stay a consistent heat when the weather gets cold.

Opting for Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats can learn the temperatures that you prefer at different points of the day, this can help you to not worry about the temperature in the colder months.

Telecare Systems

If you have concerns about your loved one forgetting to change the temperature in their home, you can be reassured through a telecare system which feeds information into an app about their temperature. Certain systems are also able to send an alert to the call centre of the company they are with, to highlight to them that the temperature is higher or lower than the preset temperatures. The call centre can then phone and tell them to turn their heating up or down, whilst also asking them the named carer or healthcare professional to let them know they’re at risk.

2. Why you Feel Cold More in Older Age: What causes the change?

Why you Feel Cold More in Older Age

As we age, our bodies change, and this can make us feel colder. As we get older, our blood pressure increases, and our blood vessels tend to stiffen. Whilst this is occuring, our blood becomes stickier, thicker and less efficient at carrying oxygen around the body. This can mean it’s more difficult to pump the blood around the body, which is what keeps us warmer.

3. Why Older People Need to Maintain their Body Temperature: How to combat the problem?

Why Older People Need to Maintain their Body Temperature

There have been a steady increase of winter related deaths in the older generation, so it is more important than ever to maintain a steady body temperature at an optimal level of around 37 degrees. Letting your body drop to below 35 degrees can cause serious health implications such as hypothermia.

There are other ways that makes older people more at risk of suffering during the colder climate, including:

  • Turning the heating off or down in order to save money
  • Being less physically aware of the changes to the temperature due to medical conditions
  • Lack of appropriate clothing to cater for the colder months
  • Lack of sufficient nutrition
  • Having a condition such as Alzheimer’s or dementia can affect a person from remembering how to work their heating or even affecting them from noticing whether they are too hot or too cold

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