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Dad has been at Aldersmead since October and his health has improved as they can now monitor and be proactive with his diabetes. He has a lovely room and the staff have always been incredibly kind not just to him but all the residents. He can get bad tempered (can’t we all) but that doesn’t seem to worry the staff. The lovely matron is very hands on and seems to run a tight ship which is always comforting to see. The team seem to enjoy working there which adds to a happy atmosphere. He is also, I’m told, beginning to participate in some of the activities which is encouraging as he’s always been very reticent to do so. 

My mother has only been at Aldersmead for a few months, so still feeling her way. The staff seem kind and helpful. Her room is lovely but not always hoovered as I would like. She is enjoying her food and has improved since she first went there. She only has good things to say.

We have been delighted with the care and attention my mother-in-law has received since she moved into Aldersmead in January this year. She has improved in all aspects her social skills have returned and her mental and physical health has improved. She admits that she never intended to become withdrawn and unusually quiet at home, preferring to watch TV rather than having a conversation. However she now spends most of the day in the communal rooms, joining in the activities and chatting with other residents and staff. She is very happy in her new home. 

My mother is 104 years old and has lived at Aldersmead for the last 3 1/2 years. For all of that time she has given the staff verbal abuse and generally a very hard time. They have all been so kind and patient with her. I think Aldersmead is an outstanding nursing home and all the staff past and present deserve recognition for their hard work. 

My father visits Aldersmead for respite care. He is there for the fourth visit. Over time, his needs have become greater; he is a man of high expectations/standards. So far Alderswood has met these, he commends the food, the staff are so friendly and helpful, he has a lovely room and all his needs are met, what more could you want? 

Matron, nurses, helpers, kitchen staff could not be more caring and helpful and sympathetic. 

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