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Care homes are not all the same and it is important to consider the individual when selecting a home that will be suitable for them. As well as evaluating the level of care needed, the personal preferences and interests of the person need to be taken into account.

Level of Care

Care homes are divided into those that provide nursing care as well as personal care and those that simply provide personal care. Personal care is needed for the majority of care home residents, many of whom need help with daily tasks such as washing, dressing and moving around. This can be provided by care assistants, who are trained for the role in either type of home. However, if the person who is moving into a home needs regular intervention from trained nurses to help manage a problem, or suffers from a progressive illness or condition that is likely to cause their health to deteriorate, it is certainly worth choosing a home that can provide nursing care. This way, there will be no need to consider moving your loved one into a home with nursing care if their needs become more complex.

Not everyone needs full-time care. Regular respite care can often be arranged and may enable family carers to keep someone at home and look after them for longer, knowing they will be able to have regular breaks from caring.

Individual Assessment

It is important to know that the individual will be able to continue with any hobbies or interests and that they will be supported to join in activities inside and outside the home if they wish to. The location of the home is also important if the person has friends or relatives who will be visiting regularly or if they wish to stay in contact with groups in their local area, such as by attending church or a club.

When you refer someone to Aldersmead Care home, particularly if they are unable to communicate easily themselves, it is important that you inform the staff of their wishes and preferences so that these can be recorded in their individual care plan. Even details such as whether the person takes sugar in their tea and whether they prefer a bath to a shower should be recorded and can make a real difference to their quality of life. When the person is admitted to a care home, our staff will want to find out as much information about their individual needs as possible.

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