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Elderly Care – Ensuring Your Loved Ones Are Happy

Simply the thought of moving into a care home can be a terrifying prospect for the elderly. Any number of different concerns and worries can whirl around the mind of not only the individual concerned, but also their family. After all, in many cases it is the family’s task to check out prospective homes and advise their loved one on the best course of action. The individual moving into a home will have a myriad of concerns that will have to be addressed. With so much to think about, how can you be sure your loved one will be happy? Although this guide mentions care homes in Sussex, it is suitable for all.

Loss of Independence

This is a natural worry for the elderly who have to go into care. After living so much of their life independently, it can come as quite a shock to suddenly have to rely so heavily on others to help them through the day. Many care homes in Sussex try to give residents who are capable as much freedom and independence as possible. The commonly held image of care homes being uninspired, gloomy places where residents sit staring into space is really no longer true in the majority of cases.
Different Surroundings
Again, this is a perfectly natural concern for anyone considering moving into a care home. Getting used to unfamiliar surroundings, sights and smells can take a while, but really it is no different to moving house. The main difference here is meeting so many new people.

The company of others is a huge plus as far as the happiness of your loved one is concerned. Many older people who live alone can suffer from loneliness, even with relatives calling around daily. Enjoying the company of others all day, every day can do wonders for someone’s general feeling of well-being. The sense of community in care homes in Sussex makes life so much more enjoyable for residents.


When considering a suitable care home, the overall standards of hygiene and staff care are of the utmost importance, of course. Don’t be afraid to ask questions at this point; any quality home will be happy to answer most queries and will have nothing to hide. Gauge how staff members react with your loved one and with others in general. Good care home staff will brighten their residents’ day and give them an overall feeling of security.

It is advisable to try to leave as many final decisions as possible to the individual concerned. This is not always practical, of course, as some may not be capable, but if your loved one seems happy with a particular home, this will put your own mind at rest and ease any potential feelings of guilt.

Consider all options when choosing a care home for a loved one. Their happiness is of paramount importance.

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