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Care Homes to Receive CECOPS New Disability Equipment Standards

Care homes now have comprehensive equipment standards to help reduce the risks of injury and fines and improve the service for clients.

Disability equipment such as life support ventilators and hoists are regularly used in care homes and hospices, and these establishments have always had a responsibility to ensure that staff members are adequately trained in their use. The Community Equipment Code of Practice Scheme (CECOPS) aims to raise the standards even higher, however, by helping hospices and care-home providers to ensure that all equipment is used in the safest and best possible way and is correctly maintained at all times.

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Benefits of Involvement

Care homes and hospices can opt to join the scheme and gain access to a range of advice and services aimed at ensuring resident safety and happiness, along with making certain that all legislative and equipment-related health and safety responsibilities are being met.

CECOPS aims to help care providers manage all aspects of equipment handling effectively. This includes highlighting the importance of proper assessment and helping with matters relating to provision, the use of the equipment, maintenance and decontamination.

The Cost of Poor Equipment Management

The importance of such standards of equipment care and use cannot be overstated, given that mistakes can be costly to both care homes and their clients. In some cases, failure to have, use, or look after equipment properly can have devastating effects and even cause loss of life. CECOPS aims to make these kinds of dangers far less likely by promoting everything from effective training to the need for regular assessments, safety testing, and equipment servicing.

In the past, organisations have found themselves facing prosecution as a result of equipment failings and have been forced to pay substantial fines. The involvement of CECOPS also aims to reduce this risk by ensuring that there are fewer problems for care-home and hospice providers and their residents.

More about the Scheme

The ethos behind CECOPS is that effective equipment management leads to positive financial and clinical outcomes. The proper use of this sort of equipment can vastly improve the quality of life of those who need the help, whether they are older people or children with disabilities.

CECOPS supports a wide range of agencies and organisations, including central government and now care home and hospice providers. It has developed an official Code of Practice for Community Equipment which will ensure good quality, safe, and efficient service, along with helping with regulatory and legal compliance issues. Organisations register to adopt this code of practice and they can then go on to gain accreditation. This involves an assessment of the services on offer and help and support to ensure optimum levels of equipment management are being achieved by all concerned.

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