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Retirement – Thinking About Your Options

Many of us find that as we get older, we start to think more and more about where we will end up living. Sometimes, it’s hard to accept that you or a loved one are unable to go on living at home. Moving home can come about for a multitude of reasons, like downsizing to preserve your finances or to release equity (or just to reduce the number of rooms to clean!), but there are times when living at home is impossible.

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Ill health or disabilities commonly linked with age can make living at home a real struggle without help. Not everyone can have help at home sometimes a primary carer, such as a spouse or partner, may have passed away. Family might be doing all they can, but can’t be there as much as you need them. After all, they have to make sure they are able to take care of themselves. Sadly, some people have no family to care for them. The later stages of life for many in the UK are dark times and charities are trying to bring forward the plight of the forgotten elderly. Rightly so; we all hope that are golden years really are golden, not spent alone or in some degree of suffering.

Moving to a Residential Care Home

Moving to a residential home is a difficult choice to make. It’s perfectly understandable as to why imagine you have to leave your home, where you may have raised a family, played with your grandchildren and that you took great pride in keeping. Decades of memories and an overwhelming attachment to home can conjure some very powerful emotions. Then there are feelings of helplessness or invalidity. Spirits can be crushed easily (remember that the next time you accuse someone of being an ‘old grump’!). It makes the transition very difficult and without proper support, it can leave a scar in minds and memories.

The good news is, moving to a retirement home can mean a boost in your standard of living. It’s often forgotten, but it is a luxury phrases like ‘elderly home’ aren’t usually associated with comfort, elegance and service, but these places are out there. Choose the right home and you’ll find that after you’ve adjusted, there’s a lot that you can enjoy. Provided that you’re happy to do so, the benefits of moving to a care home will relieve many of the stresses that accompany old age and give you time to enjoy life so few people, young and old, remember how to enjoy themselves!

When choosing a retirement home, make sure you do your research and make visits where you can. If you require certain specialist care, there are many care homes that can provide these services now, so multiple hospital visits could be avoided. Make sure it’s a place you feel comfortable in, get a feel for the grounds and the staff, talk to other residents be sure to check them out online too. Nursing homes that run a website usually have photo galleries and virtual tours. These can be a big help when you’re deciding you can narrow down the choices before you venture out on visits.

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