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Elderly People’s Top Three Fears

More elderly people are living longer than ever and can now enjoy a longer retirement, which may mean more time to pursue hobbies, travel, see the family or simply enjoy not having to work for a living any more.

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Elderly People and Their Frailties

Getting older has many blessings but also a few complications too. As people get older, they may find their body and mind becoming frailer or have more ‘senior moments’ when they forget what they were about to do or say. Their hearing and eyesight may become weaker, and they find they are more prone to accidents or falls.

These frailties, along with many other reasons, can lead to anxiety or depression. Elderly people start to feel old or that they have to rely more and more on other people. In line with this, the top three fears of older people are losing their independence, becoming a burden and having to rely on other people.

They may feel they need more help with everyday tasks such as shopping or cleaning and have to ask their family or neighbours to help them out. This can be frustrating if they have been independent for much of their lives or used to making decisions for themselves in their private life or in the world of business.

Sometimes, the solution to solving these anxieties is to consider the move to residential care – where the needs of the person are considered and there are staff on hand to assist with the every day.

Elderly People Need to Make Their Own Decisions

It is important that they feel the move is their decision and that they are not being forced into it. That way, a loved one will feel more comfortable about moving. Several residential care homes should be visited in order to get a feel for the place, as well as talk to staff and clients about services and what they can expect if they move there.

They may feel nervous about moving to a care home or have pre-conceived ideas about what they are like, so it is important that they are made to feel at ease. Allowing loved ones to make the decision to move to a care home is also one way of helping them to feel they are in control of their own life and are still capable of making important decisions.

They also need to feel they have control once they have moved in. Balcombe Care Homes strive to ensure independence alongside individual care catered to each person’s needs.

Residential Care Homes Create a Community

Balcombe has been caring for elderly people for more than 30 years and has experienced many changes in this time. The company’s caring philosophy has enabled it to build a portfolio of beautiful residential care homes with their own community feel. On top of this, Balcombe provides residential and nursing care so people can stay in the same home even if they need increasing amounts of care. More importantly, it means couples can stay together even if their care requirements are different.

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