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Toilet Lifts to Prevent Falls and Reduce Cost to NHS

Recent research on toilet lifts has indicated that, on average, there are 75,000 hip fractures each year, costing over a quarter of a million pounds in the UK. Not only is the cost financial, but the pain, discomfort and trauma of a bad fall or broken bone can mean a long recovery for sufferers and their families.

A significant finding has also been that almost 15% of these serious falls happen while getting on or off the toilet. Without carer assistance, the individual is also usually entirely alone and thus even more at risk of an accident.

With the creation of a new lift product, however, it may now be possible to alleviate the risk and reduce the cost of falls to the NHS and the care industry while also protecting elderly and vulnerable people.

Toilet Lifts – Assistive Technology

Clos-O-Mat’s new Aerolet toilet lifts can be used with almost every conventional WC, whether at home or in residential care homes. The product is suitable for people with good upper-body strength and control over their legs and knees, but who still require additional support.

The peace of mind that assistive technology provides can be just as significant as physical support. The product replicates the natural action of standing and sitting, gently raising and lowering the user to position themselves accurately over the WC whilst allowing their feet to stay on the ground.

This keeps their centre of gravity over the feet for better balance. The product’s support arms go up and down with the seat, giving the user the control to lever themselves down onto or up from the unit. People can hold the support arms and keep their weight on their legs, and the unit will move the user up and down safely and carefully.

Independence and Safety

For most, it is a natural desire to remain independent, dignified and in control of one’s own private matters, whether at home, living with a partner or within residential care homes. Products that restore control to users over bathroom functions are an essential aspect of maintaining privacy and control and also vital for safety during what is usually a solitary situation when not with a carer.

The price of fitting and maintenance is minimal compared to the immeasurable benefit of feeling comfortable, clean and supported during a private time. Balcombe Care Homes are committed to the dignity, comfort and maintained independence where possible of all of their valued residents.

The company is passionate about discovering and utilising new and better ways to improve the lives and experiences of residents. Residents have the right to feel respected, supported and safe whether in private or in public, and Balcombe Care Homes strive towards this in every aspect of care.

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