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‘TripAdvisor’ Style Website For Care Home Comparisons

The launch of a new care home comparisons site will help families to compare a range of standards in different care homes and to read reviews posted by others with experience of the service. The TripAdvisor-style site is hosted on the NHS Choices website, and in addition to showing the most recent rating given by inspectors, it will include reviews of the service and information about staffing.

Kingswood Court Care Home

Care Home Comparisons – The New Website

Families will be able to search for a residential home or private nursing home by location. Simply entering a location, a town or a postcode will bring up all the homes in the search area for comparison purposes.

Formerly, it was only possible to see inspection reports on the Care Quality Commission (CQC) website to assess whether homes were judged to have met safety and quality standards at the last inspection, so the inclusion of reviews from residents and their families will give more up-to-date information from the service user’s point of view. It has been claimed by the government that England will be the first country worldwide providing this amount of information about homes, and it is hoped that the website will help to improve standards in homes generally, as people will be less likely to select homes that they perceive as failing.

Many care homes currently fail to meet the necessary standards, with 36% of residential care homes and 55% of care homes with nursing being classified by Care Quality Commission inspections as inadequate or requiring improvement at their most recent inspections.

Advantages to Residents and Their Families

In addition to seeing the rating given to homes by the CQC, visitors to the site will be able to see what score the service has been given by other families. As on TripAdvisor, the homes will be rated from zero to five stars, with reviews about the facilities and all aspects of the care.

Other information on the website includes the hygiene rating the homes have been awarded by the Food Standards Agency, which is also important to residents and their families.The care home comparisons information about staff turnover can indicate how content the staff are, as it will show what percentage have left over the past year. Because clear leadership is very important to the effective running of a home, families will be able to check whether a home has a registered manager in place.

The number of beds will also be stated so that people will be able to filter out inappropriately sized homes from their search. The website will be monitored and comments checked before being posted, but people using the site should be aware that it would be possible for people holding a grudge to post unfair comments or care home owners to give themselves good feedback.

Wherever in the country people are looking for a care home, they will be able to access a vast amount of information to help with their choice. People searching for care homes in West Sussex and Surrey will be able to find a home from Balcombe Care Homes? portfolio of residential homes.

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