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Self-Sufficiency and Social Interaction

As we grow older, our ability to carry out activities and social interaction, that we previously took for granted, may become increasingly impaired. Research shows that it is absolutely vital to remain as active as possible, both physically and mentally, to ensure that every older person is living life to their full potential.

The line between fully independent living and requiring the help and support offered by private care homes is likely to blur as the years pass, and many older people can become isolated as they struggle to manage on their own. Interacting with others is such a key human need, but it is one that can take a back seat as we grow older and we struggle with other more immediate issues such as our health.

One trend from America that is beginning to gain a real foothold here in the UK is the ‘Granny Pod’. These state-of-the-art prefabricated buildings are a complete home unit consisting of a living space, bathroom and kitchen and are ideal to house an elderly parent who is not yet ready to consider private care homes but who wishes to balance their independence with the security of having their family close at hand.


Home from Home

This connection with the wider family should always be maintained and becomes even more important when the decision is made to move an older person into residential accommodation. At Balcombe Care Homes we ensure that our residents can spend as much time with their loved ones enjoying social interaction as they choose. Social interaction beyond the immediate family is also really important to leading a fulfilled life, and to this end we have a carefully curated package of group sessions and social events that are open to all residents. Great care is taken to match each resident to the activities that will benefit them, and we are proud of our bespoke care packages that are designed to do just that.

Emphasis on Self-Esteem and Confidence

In order to make any activity meaningful, it must also be enjoyable and so may be linked to a resident’s previous interests or hobbies. Equally, trying something new is a great way to build confidence and maintain self-esteem in new surroundings, and our wide-ranging programme of events offers something for everyone. A varied social diary is one very important way of helping an older person to stay connected with life experiences that they had before they moved into a private nursing home, and it is a wonderful way to build and maintain an emotional connection with new friends. Keeping busy and engaged improves our quality of life whatever our age, boosting our sense of social inclusion and enhancing our sense of self in the wider world.

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