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Benefits of Care Homes on Recuperation and Acute Care

A new recuperation and acute care initiative is seeing care homes working alongside the NHS to alleviate the strain caused by bed shortages in hospitals across the UK. There has already been some success with Harrogate Lodge care home in Leeds, and the hope is that other facilities will follow suit.

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Recuperation and Acute Care

Plans are likely to extend to care homes in Surrey thanks to the positive feedback from patients already experienced, with one elderly woman praising her care at Harrogate Lodge while recuperating from a fall. In 2015, the Guardian surveyed NHS leaders across the country and found that at least 10% of hospital beds were occupied by people ready to be discharged, at an estimated cost of £270m per year.

Reducing Stress and Depression

The scheme is designed to direct care where it is most needed when patients are not in acute danger and needing hospital treatment but are in stages of rehabilitation before being able to go home. It means that the elderly especially are receiving more dedicated attention from carers in a quieter environment that is more conducive to recovery after illness or injury. Four Seasons Healthcare is the largest independent provider of social care in the UK, and they have said that they want to make the transition for patients easier when it has become clear that prolonged hospital stays are causing patients undue stress and can lead to depression.

Pressure Taken off the NHS

It has also opened up more job opportunities for carers in homes in regions across the country, including care homes in West Sussex and care homes in Surrey. Carers are able to help patients prepare for returning home by making sure that they are in the best place for their recovery. A more holistic approach to recovery means that there is less likelihood of a repeat hospital visit, further reducing the strain on NHS resources. The initiative also enables the NHS to direct resources into acute care in specialised areas in hospitals as beds and staff become more available.

It is likely that the scheme will be welcomed by care homes in Crawley, thanks to the positive feedback from initiatives already running. In the case of patients that do not need to be in hospital, it is far more helpful to recovery when they are able to take a step in the right direction with the focus carefully placed on their recuperation.

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