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Knowing The Right Time To Consider A Care Home

It’s one of the most difficult conversations you will ever have, knowing when to consider a care home. You’ve noticed that a relative or loved one is struggling to cope, either because of deterioration in their health or the loss of a loved one. You may be struggling to cope as a carer and are looking for respite care options. But how do you approach such a delicate and sensitive discussion, and how will you know when it’s the right time to think about residential care options?

The Right Time

Raising such delicate and difficult issues is not easy, and you may never feel that it’s the ‘right’ time. Ensure that your options are well researched before discussing them with your family, friends and, most importantly, your loved ones. Make sure your conversation takes place in a relaxed atmosphere and when you have time to talk. Communicate clearly, using a calm tone of voice. Above all, be prepared to listen – your loved one may have already thought about these issues and have practical solutions you haven’t considered. Take care not to appear defensive or to impose your own views – always ask what your loved one wants first. Never assume that what you think is for the best is right for your relative or loved one.

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Guilt and Acceptance

You may feel there is never a right time to have a care conversation, but with proper planning you can ease some of the inevitable anger and guilt that surround the move to a residential care home. Be prepared for the fact that their reactions may not validate your decision – there are many support groups for caregivers in your position. Respite care may provide a good halfway house if you are struggling to cope. Sometimes a loved one’s health will deteriorate so rapidly that the decision is taken out of your hands – it’s important to remember that you have done all you can and that the move to a private care home or nursing care is the best option.

Your Options

Through careful discussion with your loved one, you now need to act on the decision you have agreed together. If they are strongly independent or able to remain at home, then sheltered housing or domiciliary care is the best option and will assist them to live as full a life as possible.

But if a private care home is the right choice for your loved one, then make sure to research the options together and to visit before you make a final decision. Find out if there’s a close friend they would like to involve in the process – someone who will ask questions and share impressions of the residential care home you plan to visit.

Why Balcombe Care Homes?

With thirty years of experience offering nursing and residential care, Balcombe Care Homes offer a warm, friendly and above all homely atmosphere. With the highest standards of care, friendly and attentive staff and delicious and nutritious meals, you’ll find that Balcombe’s blend of enriching social activities and strong commitment to residents’ well-being make our residential homes in West Sussex and Crawley the ideal place to feel relaxed and at ease. There may never be a ‘right’ time, but at Balcombe we offer the best possible care for a good quality of life.

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