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The 5 Best Things About Ageing

Although there are definitely challenges and problems associated with getting older, there are also many benefits that are often overlooked. Older people are among the happiest groups of people in society, possibly because they are happy being themselves. Here are five of the best things about growing older.

Feeling Happier

A survey of over 340,000 people aged 70 to 89 found that they were less likely to experience negative emotions such as stress, anger and worry than younger people. It has been suggested that this is, at least in part, due to their ability to deal with negative circumstances or hardship better. Having time to stop and smell the roses can help to enhance their feelings of well-being. Research carried out by Stony Brook University, New York, found that happiness and well-being increase later in life.

Satisfactory Relationships

A study conducted in 2011 found that older people who are married feel more satisfied and view their marriages in a more positive light than younger couples. In addition to showing more positive emotions and greater affection in their relationships, older couples also display less anger in arguments than middle-aged couples.

Other social relationships such as friendships also seem to benefit when people are older. Although their circle of friends may be smaller, they tend to share closer emotional bonds. People in residential settings such as Balcombe Care Homes frequently forge new friendships in later life.

In addition to relationships with their peers, older people frequently have grandchildren, and the relationship with them is of enormous importance. Grandparents can experience all the joys of little children without any of the drawbacks such as sleepless nights. As Gore Vidal once said, “Never have children, only grandchildren.”


Older people tend to show more wisdom than younger people when making choices. This was demonstrated by a study of 250 people aged from 25 to 93 by the University of Michigan. More research also showed that older people performed better in intelligence tests than younger people. This was thought to have interesting implications in terms of employment, suggesting that older people may be mentally able to keep on working beyond retirement age.

Leisure Time

Although older people may be able to work for longer, one of the positive aspects of ageing is increased leisure time. Older people can devote more time to their interests and hobbies and possibly take up new ones. They will have more free time to attend events such as concerts or for holidays. Retirement offers an excellent opportunity to pursue dreams that previously had to be put on hold.

Residents such as those in Balcombe Care Homes are often enabled to learn new skills and enjoy new leisure activities both inside and outside the home.


Older people are often more financially stable than younger people. They receive a guaranteed minimum income and, of course, are often eligible for senior discounts, making entertainment, travel and eating out more affordable.

There are many positive aspects to ageing, so these are what we should be concentrating on rather than focusing on the disadvantages.

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