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New Pilot Scheme to Improve Life for Dementia Sufferers

A ground-breaking new scheme is currently undergoing pilot-testing to fully explore how music can be used to improve and enhance the lives of people who are receiving dementia care.

Music is an incredibly emotive art, and as such, it is already known that music can help people to recover certain memories from their past. Music for My Mind is a charity that already uses music in this way, and they have set out to explore how big an impact music therapy has on dementia sufferers and whether similar treatments should be rolled out across the country. Moreover, should it be made available to all sufferers as part of their dementia care both in their own homes and within a residential care home setting.

music for dementia sufferers

Meaningful Music

Those within the pilot scheme, at residential care home St Matthews in Redbourn, will work closely with their close family and friends to select music that they used to particularly enjoy or has been meaningful in their lives in some way. This selection of music will then be played to the resident, who will be wearing a bracelet that will monitor and record their heartbeat and movement in different situations over a period of six weeks. Data from each resident will then be analysed to determine how they feel when the music is being played, and whether it is having a positive effect on the disease.

Staff working in the care home are excited about taking part in this pilot scheme because they already understand and have seen the impact that music has on the residents they look after. They have seen people start to sit up again in their beds after being unwell for many months at a time, and they have even had residents start walking again as a direct result of hearing meaningful music.

Could This Be a Breakthrough Treatment?

Keith McAdam is the founder of Music for My Mind and is hugely passionate about the work he is doing. He hopes this scheme will provide solid evidence that will ensure music treatment will become much more widely available, and care home staff have praised his authentic nature, saying they feel inspired by and privileged to be working with him during this pilot.

If the data from this pilot comes back with confirmation of the positive impact of music on dementia sufferers, it could well be the beginning of a breakthrough treatment that so many people have been hoping for. This is just one of many schemes currently being explored with the view to helping to improve the lives of those living with dementia. As there is currently no cure, this will be welcome news to many people across the world.

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