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The Importance of Getting Out and About

Being subjected to new sights, sounds and experiences is important for everyone, but especially for those living in a care home. This can be achieved through regular meaningful excursions and days out, but many care homes find the costs prohibitive. Fortunately, there are now organisations that work to facilitate days out for care home residents, offering them the opportunity to get out and about.

Care Home Day Trips

Organisations such as Oomph! arrange transport, outings and staff to assist care home staff in taking residents for trips out to places such as the seaside, which bring back happy memories of childhood and provide them with a new lease of life.

Care home activities such as outings to a museum or other places which are of interest to residents give them a sense of freedom and fun that promotes a sense of well-being. Visiting a much-loved place or even having a paddle in the sea are simple pleasures but are particularly meaningful to older people, helping them to regain a sense of their lost childhood.

Care home activities

Fully Supported Outings

Oomph! makes sure that they have staff on hand to assist care home workers, ensuring that there are sufficient carers to cope with residents’ needs. They also strive to arrange excursions which will appeal to residents, catering for hobbies and interests that will engage them.

Some care homes are fortunate enough to be able to organise their own outings and can tailor days out according to the residents’ wishes. For example, one care home arranges visits to London, travelling on the London Underground for a trip down memory lane. This encourages the residents to talk about their memories and can prove to be a powerful stimulant, providing a much-needed change of scene along with a breath of fresh air.

Care workers report that care home activities such as these can have a profound effect on the residents’ well-being and sense of self-worth.

One-to-One Support When Needed

Even residents with dementia can reap the benefits of a trip outside the care home. Dementia care is a specialised subject, but by ensuring one-to-one support, even those with severe memory problems can be encouraged to enjoy the benefits of a trip away from the home. A trip to the seaside or to the countryside is a real treat for someone with a fading memory, making a change from the daily environment of the nursing home. Capturing the day with photographs provides something to talk about back at the home, bringing the memory back to life for the resident.

Nobody wants to spend every day within the same four walls, and elderly care home residents are no exception. A day out can be a stimulating way of recharging the batteries for residents and staff alike.

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