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Common Misconceptions About Care Homes

There are more older people than ever who need a care home to provide for them, but despite this the media often portrays care homes in a negative light. Don’t let yourself be misinformed: here are some of the main care home misconceptions and the truth behind them.

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Care Is Paid for by the Government

One of the main care home myths is that most care is provided by the government. In reality, most people who live in a care home in the UK pay for their own accommodation, as if someone has over £23,250 in savings or assets, they will have to pay for their own care. As assets include property, this applies to a significant part of the population, so most care isn’t free. Of course, there are a few exceptions. If the senior has someone else who is dependent on them, such as a partner, they may receive financial help from the government, and if they have less than £23,250, they will receive some form of help.

A Care Home Won’t Offer the Right Type of Care

Another one of the most popular care home misconceptions is that a care home will only provide general care that isn’t right for most people, but this isn’t true. The care industry is filled with skilled professionals who can provide a wide range of care, including residential care, nursing care and even dementia care. When someone moves into a care home, the employees will also normally communicate with the senior’s doctor to arrange a specific care plan that is suited to the person.

A Care Home Will Stop Seniors from Living Independently

A negative assumption that many people make about the care industry is that it stops people from living independently, but in reality a care home will normally make it easier for seniors to remain independent. This is possible through tools that make movement easier as well as emergency support buttons that allow seniors to be alone if they so choose.

This is beneficial to many seniors and their families, as it means that they can live an independent lifestyle without their family worrying about them injuring themselves.

Care Home Residents Are Lonely

One of the main benefits of a care home is that it gives seniors the chance to socialise on a regular basis, and yet one of the most common care home misconceptions is that care residents are lonely. Thankfully, this isn’t the case at all: the majority of seniors in care homes socialise with other seniors and staff on a daily basis, and many care facilities offer services that provide pets or visitors on a weekly basis. A wide range of hobbies is also available to the seniors, including reading, day trips, gardening and games nights.

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