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The Reality Of A Nursing Home

Modern-day care or nursing homes are very positive places with an emphasis on engaging and socialising residents. They can be great places which really help people stay active in later life and maintain a social life with their fellow residents. Here are just a few other examples of how nursing or care homes help residents have a high quality of life.

Perceptions of Nursing Homes Compared to the Reality

It’s a common perception that residents will be in a care or nursing home for a long time, however many nursing home residents are only there for a period of intense respite care following a lengthy illness or major surgery. They require constant nursing care for a limited period of time before they return to their home.

Not all nursing home residents are people living with dementia either, which seems to be another common misconception. Whilst it is true that many residents living with Alzheimer’s do require nursing home attention eventually. Most nursing homes operate in the same way as care homes, but with additional nursing staff who take charge of medical procedures and treatments.

Dealing with Guilt

The realities of nursing homes today are very different from what you might be expecting, with plenty of social events and communal meal times that encourage residents to socialise together and make new friends.

You can visit your loved one at any time and in most cases they will be able to come home from time to time for overnight visits and even holidays, depending on their health. There aren’t strict visiting hours, so you can call in whenever you please, for a chat or to take your relative out to lunch or afternoon tea.

Nursing Homes Are Changing

Nursing homes emphasise positive stimulation with fun activities and events to engage residents and encourage them to interact.

Nursing staff understand the need for older people to maintain their dignity and will do everything that they can to ensure that your loved one is happy and comfortable. Today nursing homes offer a warm and comfortable place to rest, recuperate and enjoy each and every day.

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