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Safe Lifting Advice When Caring For Your Loved One

Attempting to lift your loved one single-handed, whether that’s from a chair or a commode, is a recipe for disaster. Not only do you run the risk of losing your grip on your loved one, causing them to fall, but you also place a terrible strain on your own muscles, tendons and ligaments, with the potential to cause severe and lasting harm to one or both of you.

Yet at times it’s necessary to lend a helping hand, whether your loved one needs help getting out of a chair, out of bed or off the commode. Even some trained and experienced carers fail to pay attention to safe lifting advice or simply don’t understand the options available to them, yet help is there for those who need it.

Don’t assume that you can manage without artificial aids for the sake of saving money. Damaged backs and the potential for causing either you, your loved one or their carer harm in the event of a fall, makes a mechanical aid a necessary and important part of your household equipment.

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Electric Chairs

An electric chair has a raising and tilting mechanism that allows your loved one to stand up more easily. By raising your older relative up higher than a normal chair, they are then able to pull themselves completely upright without having to support their own body weight so much.

In many cases an electric chair can be all that’s needed to give your loved one a renewed sense of independence. For those with more severe mobility issues, the raising mechanism makes it much easier on the carer to manoeuvre your loved one into an upright position.

Stand Aids

A stand aid is a good option for those folk who are unable to stand by themselves, even with the support of an electric chair in conjunction with a Zimmer frame. Safe lifting advice for older people suggests that they are more prone to bruising and skin tearing as they age, so preventing falls is paramount, and a stand aid can help with this. A sling or belt is attached to your parent’s waist or under their arms, with a mechanical arm taking the strain. They are then able to stand much more easily, supported by the mechanism.


An electric hoist works along similar principles to the stand aid but provides additional support for those who struggle to support their own body weight at all. The belt or strap is replaced by a sling that fits underneath your loved one’s legs and back. Supported by this hammock-like structure, the mechanism can be used to lift them from a bed to a chair or vice versa without compromising yours or their safety in any way, in accordance with safe lifting advice.

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