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4 Tips For Older Drivers

Older drivers can find it difficult with driving for a number of different reasons, so we have come up with a few tips for older drivers to feel more comfortable on the roads.

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Checking The Car

If you are caring for or have an elderly relative that is experience difficulty with driving, they may feel more at ease if they are in a car that best suits them. Some elderly drivers may prefer to drive an automatic car as they get older to help ease pain caused by arthritis or other pain related stiffness. Or as a carer, you may seek comfort in knowing that they don’t have to change gears when they are driving.

Other minor changes to the car can also help to improve comfortability when driving, to help ease any pain related suffering. This can be done by simply adjusting the closeness of your seat to the steering wheel and the height on the back of the chair.

Changing your car altogether could be the easiest way to maximise comfort for your older driver. This could be through downsizing the car so that manoeuvres are easier for them to carry out and a smaller engine size to allow for more careful driving.

Vehicle Adaptations

If getting a new car is not possible, then there are vehicle adaptations you can make to make you feel more comfortable when driving. Vehicle adaptations can include:

  • Fitted hand controls
  • Specially shaped pedals
  • Spinners to turn steering wheel
  • Joystick steerer
  • Seat lift or hoist

Blue Badge Scheme

The blue badge scheme is available for disabled drivers or a driver with a permanent mobility issue and offers free parking within selected areas.

Satellite Navigation

Satellite navigation can help to provide older drivers with assistance when driving to areas that they may find challenging without support. They may feel without satellite navigation that they need someone to come with them to such places, however with this navigation they can be directed by someone to reach their destination. Satellite navigation offers a voice command with dashboard displays to guide them to their destination.

Although most new cars come with these devices installed into the radio system, you can also purchase the handset on its own to attach to the windscreen of older cars. Or alternatively, you can install an app on smartphones and mount the phone to a visible view using a handset holder.

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