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Tips For Taking Your Loved One On Day Trips And Holidays

Going on holiday with your loved one may seem like a great idea at first but there is more to taking your loved one on day trips and holidays than you may initially think. We have outlined a few areas which you need to consider when taking your loved one on a trip.

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Day Trips

A day trip can be a great way to spend quality time with your loved one. It can also help take their mind temporarily off their situation.

There are a few questions you should ask yourself before embarking on day trip.

  • Is your destination wheelchair friendly?
  • Are there disabled toilets?
  • Will they enjoy the proposed activity?

Holidays in the UK

A holiday in the UK is a lot easier and less expensive way to take your loved one away, especially if flying abroad is not an option you can take. If you are unable to take your loved one abroad due to a disability, there are many types of holidays within the UK that you can enjoy. From a weekend away in a holiday cottage to a ten day stay at a holiday caravan park. Searching online for ‘accessible holidays’ or ‘disabled access holidays’ will show you a whole host of opportunities for you to explore.

If you wish to visit a hotel you will find most hotel rooms have accessible rooms on the ground floor. These are limited so you need to ensure you book in advance to avoid disappointment.

It’s important to check in advance that your accommodation offers all of the necessary facilities you loved one may require before booking your stay.

International Holidays

If you are going abroad with your loved one, it’s important to consider all the support that you will need during every step of the process. From the travel to the accommodation.

If you are travelling internationally, then there are a lot more considerations to take into account. Whether the airline company are able to provide you with a disabled access seat on your desired dates and if the hotel can cater for all your loved ones requirements in the room. Is your transfer from the airport to the accommodation adequately equipped for accessibility? This type of holiday will involve speaking directly to each the airline and hotel to ensure that all of the appropriate considerations are in place. However, this can be made easier if you go with a travel company who you can do a package holiday, ensuring minimum effort is required to plan the holiday.

A great way to travel abroad with a loved one with mobility issues is on a cruise, however cruises can be costly, so may not be possible for everyone. Although if possible this is a great way to travel to your desired locations whilst having all your required amenities in one place.

Healthcare Abroad

Although not nice to think about, it’s important you consider healthcare facilities abroad. It is important to find out what healthcare system is set up in the country you are travelling to and understand what costs may be involved in case of an incident.

Make sure your travel insurance includes the full details of disabilities or medication of your loved one is important for ensuring you get the right level of insurance for your needs. It is also important to ensure you check the terms and conditions, to avoid any shocks in the event of an emergency healthcare situation.


It is important to speak to the airline prior to travelling to ensure they can provide you with any additional assistance when it comes to boarding the plane.

Travel Equipment

Before travelling, ensure you have all the appropriate equipment you require before travelling.

There may be certain items that you need to purchase that will improve comfort when on holiday. This may include bathing or shower supports or a folding wheelchair.

There are a lot of factors you must have under control prior to and during a holiday with your older loved one. Taking these tips into action can allow them to have the most comfortable time while taking their mind off their everyday struggles.

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