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Visits from Grandchildren in the Care Home


If your parent has moved into a care home, it is important to keep their life as close to normal as possible. So if you are considering not letting your child visit the care home then rethink this decision. Although moving into a care home can be a distressing time for everyone involved, it’s important to keep things as normal as possible for both your family and your loved one moving. Explaining to your child where their grandparent is and why they have moved into a care home is an important process to make.


1. How Every Child is Different

2. The Reason for The Move

3. Importance of Familiarities

4. How to Keep Children Entertained

5. Importance of Getting Out and About

How Every Child is Different

The first consideration to make when taking your children to visit their grandparents in the care home is to bare in mind your child. The age and character of your child will make a huge difference to how they will cope with the change of their grandparent moving home. Younger children are able to adapt easier to new environments, whereas an older child may find the situation difficult to understand as they are more aware of what is going on.

The Reason for the Move

The reason behind your loved one moving into a care home may be that they have simply reached a point where they can no longer live independently. However, it is important to let your child know that they are the same grandparent, but they are just a bit slower and more fragile.

If your loved one requires a care home to cater towards a stressful condition that affects their mental, physical or emotional state, this could be hard for a child to grasp. Dementia can affect a person’s memories, which could affect them from talking to their loved ones like they used to, due to restrictive memories. This can be difficult for your child to grasp, and they may be left wondering why their grandparent no longer remembers the time they are talking about. It is important to ensure your child is as aware of their grandparents condition prior to visiting to prevent this from occurring.

Importance of Familiarities

Someone in a care home will find it a lot easier to adapt to their new surroundings if they have familiar belongings to make them feel more at home. Not only will these familiar objects help your loved one to feel more at ease in their new home, it will also help their grandchildren to feel like their new home is familiar as well. This will help them to believe that their grandparent has simply moved home and will help them to feel more at ease with the change.

How to Keep the Children Entertained

It can be difficult to keep a child entertained for a duration of time in any situation, however it is important to not do anything out of the ordinary. If you usually take toys with you when taking your child on an outing or to their grandparents, then do the same as you normally would. However, if you do not usually do this, avoid making too many changes to their lives as this can complicate the situation of them getting used to their grandparent moving.

Importance of Getting Out and About

As long as your loved one is able to, it is a great idea to go out for lunch or an outing as a family if this is something you used to do together. This can help by taking them to a familiar place or somewhere completely new to create new memories.

When getting out isn’t possible, even a walk around the garden of the home is a great way to take their mind off things. There may not be a huge deal of things for their grandchildren to do, but being outside can give them more freedom to run and play.

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