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Top Tips for Making Your Loved One’s Room in a Residential Care Home Feel Homely

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Going into residential care can be a difficult time for both the individual and their families. Leaving behind the familiarity of their own home can make an individual feel initially uncomfortable in their new environment.

If you have found yourself in this situation, here are five things to consider bringing in from home to make their bedroom feel more comforting to them.


Some care homes allow you to actually redecorate the bedrooms to make them more welcoming and homely for the individual. This will vary from home to home, but simple changes such as curtains, bedspreads and cushions in their favourite colours or patterns can make a real difference.

If your care home doesn’t allow you to redecorate then think about some other creative furnishings, such as pillows and throws, that will create that homely feel.


It may seem obvious but photos of loved ones are an excellent reminder for the individual that they have love and support. Try and bring a mixture of recent photos and older photos which may evoke memories of their younger years. Ensure the placement of the pictures means that they can easily see them from their favourite spots.


Think of ways to replicate their favourite scents from home in their new environment. Whether it is a particular brand of air freshener, a type of pot pourri or a type of scented candle. These smells will not only help your loved one settle into their new home, but can also be very evocative; bringing strong associations from their home.

Items which promote independence

Just because your loved one has had to start receiving more care, doesn’t mean that they have lost independence all together. Consider things such as a spare chair and a kettle in their room to host visitors. If possible, you could also consider installing a DVD player. All of these small amenities can help give a certain level of independence and comfort to your loved one in their new home.

Create a memory box with the family

Ideal for individuals who may be suffering from conditions such as dementia, memory boxes can help individuals to reflect and recall past memories. You could even create a scrapbook with photos of their nearest and dearest as well as some of their favourite places, all of which can help trigger special memories.

Try and get children or grandchildren of all ages to create paintings and drawings at school or home, and put these up in your loved one’s room. It will not only help to brighten the room but also allow the children/ grandchildren to play a part in your loved one’s life.

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