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Who Pays For Care For The Elderly?

Paying for care homes and nursing homes is expensive. However do not stress, some help is available to meet the cost if you meet... Read More »

Key Things To Consider When Broaching Care Options With A Loved One

For many older people, admitting that additional care is required feels like admitting defeat - this leaves many individuals... Read More »

Top Tips for Making Your Loved One’s Room in a Residential Care Home Feel Homely

Going into residential care can be a difficult time for both the individual and their families. Leaving behind the familiarity of... Read More »

Understanding Who Pays For Respite Care

Caring for a loved one is a big commitment that can be both physically and emotionally demanding. As a family carer, it is so... Read More »

What is Dysphagia?

Dysphagia is the medical term for swallowing difficulties. This means that people suffering with dysphagia take more time or have... Read More »

Simple Ways To Improve Your Memory As You Get Older

Having a bad memory is not exclusive to people with medical conditions. It can affect us all and is frustrating at the best of... Read More »

Top Tips To Reduce Anxiety As We Get Older

Everyone experiences anxiety at some point in their lives. It can creep in at any moment, often when you least expect it. In... Read More »

Natural Remedies To Help Prevent Incontinence In Older Age

Incontinence affects millions of people across the UK and although attitudes are changing, it is still considered to be somewhat... Read More »

Visiting A Care Home – How To Make The Most Out Of Your Visit

  If you have a loved one in a care home it can often be hard or uncomfortable to visit. It can be common to feel worried... Read More »

Teeth and Aging: How To Keep A Healthy Smile As You Get Older

At any age dental health is very important and can often be overlooked. As we mature into later life some individuals may begin to... Read More »

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