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Dementia is a progressive illness and those suffering from dementia require specialist care delivered by specially trained staff. While came home in West Sussex is not registered to provide specialist dementia care, we do ensure all our homes offer supportive caring environments for those living with dementia. We are able to provide safe and appropriate care for many residents with memory difficulties and mild symptoms of dementia. We ensure that our care responds to the changing needs of the individual through personalised care plans.

Individual Care for Dementia Sufferers

Our approach to dementia care starts from the premise that each person is individual; we respect this and provide care services that focus on the uniqueness of each person rather than the disease itself. We develop a personalised care plan which is tailored to the individuals wishes and abilities, supporting what they can do, bearing in mind what they may not be able to do.

We take time to gain an understanding of the residents life story, including their family history, past career, likes and dislikes, preferences and interests. With this information, our care teams will prepare a detailed care plan with the involvement of other healthcare providers such as GPs, family and friends.

Our fervent wish is that residents should never be asked to leave our care home. As long as we can deliver care which meets their physical, mental and emotional needs, and providing they do not pose any threat to themselves or others within the home, we do all we can to keep them. On the rare occasions when we cannot fully meet their needs we work closely with the resident and their family to find appropriate care elsewhere, and strive to ensure a smooth transition to their new home.

For more information about dementia care at our homes in West Sussex, please visit our care page here: Care at Aldersmead.

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