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What is residential care?

Residential care and nursing care are often used interchangeably. There can be a lot of confusion about the difference between a nursing home and a care home. But if you need to look into care for your partner, parent or even yourself, how do you find the most suitable option?

Well in order to do that you need to understand what the terms mean, in this post we will clearly define what the term residential care means and how it differs from nursing care.

Many residential facilities are designed for elderly people who do not need 24-hour nursing care but are unable to live independently. Such facilities may be described as assisted living facilities, board and care homes, or rest homes.

They typically provide a furnished or unfurnished room, together with all meals and housekeeping and laundry service. Depending on the needs of the resident they also provide assistance with daily activities such as personal hygiene, dressing, eating, and walking. They are not considered to be medical facilities, but they do have to meet state standards for care and safety.

Care homes will have staff 24 hours a day, with a key number of qualified care assistants. These will all be run by someone with a Registered Managers Award or similar management qualification.

Managers are usually required to have some experience in care and many actually work their way up from being healthcare staff but don’t need to have any nursing qualifications or experience. Records must be kept for each individual at the care home and they must follow a personalised care plan. District nurses will be called in when necessary to administer certain medicines and treat any complex wounds that are needed.

Care homes can be very beneficial for you and your loved one. Care homes can reduce the stress of care and help you or your loved one focus on other things, like your/their social life and general wellbeing.

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